TrashDash is a local litter management company with Global ambitions. We are the future of Litter control. By putting its responsibility and control into our own hands as a community. I want to monetize the collection and disposal of litter, like making things like cigarette butts, gum, and fastfood trash worth money to those who collect it. I would like to hand out trash bags with the TrashDash logo to the homeless and pay $2 for them when they bring them back full of litter.

Please pledge any amount you can to help get TrashDash some solid forward momentum. For a small donation of $10, I can help get a contractor bag of litter to the landfill . We are in need of trash bags, litter pickers, safety vests, gloves, dumpsters, a bigger truck to clean trash off our city blocks.

You can make your pledge on cash App @$cleanyourtown

Littering is one of those things that has no upside. It is an eyesore, it spreads dirt and bacteria, it’s an expensive problem to deal with, and it harms the planet. Yet, people continue to litter, and as our population grows, the litter problem only increases. Here are some facts about littering that may come as a shock to you.

9 billion tons of rubbish finds its way into the sea every year, which is a staggering statistic.

Even more staggering is the fact that there are currently 5.25 trillion pieces of plastics in the ocean right now.

Please help us make a difference.

Donate to help keep the momentum going.