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Restoring beauty to our parks and open spaces.

Incentivized Cleanup

Similar to the Oregon bottle bill, TrashDash is a local nonprofit paying individuals a small amount for each TrashDash trash bag collected from our streets.

Site Cleanup

We offer rural trash removal and and yard cleanup at competitive rates. Please contact us today if you are interested in learning more about site specific cleanup options in your area.


TrashDash always ensures responsible cleanup, recycling, and disposal of the trash littering our streets, parks, and open spaces.

  • Oregon gave value to empty beverage containers in 1971 by passing the first bottle bill. This bill successfully encouraged community cleanup by creating an incentive to collect and recycle these beverage containers. TrashDash is aiming to do the same with the large amounts of trash pilling up in our streets.

We need your help.

While we are successfully cleaning up one wrapper at a time, we need your support to help replace costly supplies and pay recycling and disposal fees.


TrashDash’s success is only possible with your support and donations. Please help us make a difference and become a part of real change today.

About Us

TrashDash is a local litter management company with Global ambitions. We are the future of Litter control. By putting its responsibility and control into our own hands as a community.

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